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If you cannot find exactly the style, size, or colour of Dolls House curtains you would like for you Doll’s House, we can produce them for you to order.  We have many satisfied customers for whom we have made curtains to their special requirements.

Please use the sub-menu above to help you chose your style.

Please note: These are just some of styles available. New styles and designs are being produced all the time.  

Please look at our Orders Portfolio for Examples of some of the Dolls House Curtains we have made to order.

If your dolls house has windows of an unusual shape or non-standard  size we can also make curtains specially for you. For more information please email us on:


We also undertake special orders or commissions to produce custom made matching sets of Dolls House urtains and soft furnishings to your requirements.

Portfolio - Some examples of our Made to Order Dolls House  Curtains

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